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Video Camera Inspection

Video pipe inspection allows you and your plumber to see exactly what problems or defects exist in your drain or sewer. We use two different cameras built by Mytana. The first camera is a MY30-B that has 200' of push rod with a 1 & 5/8" camera head that can be used on lines 3" to 8". The second camera we offer at Drain Smith is a MSAPC-B that has 100" of push rod with a 1 & 1/16" camera head that can be used on 1" to 3" lines.

It is not uncommon to diagnose a problem using standard drain cleaning methods, but only after using the video equipment can it be determined where and what problems may really exist. After "seeing" the problem, it is usually possible to determine the cost of repairs. In order to video a pipe, the pipe must be at least 1 & 1/4" in diameter and cleaned before the inspection can take place. We also have a micro-camera made by Ridge that can be used on lines 3/4" to 1 & 1/4". This camera can be useful to look for objects in stools and for hitting a blind cross tee on a side-by-side lav or sink. At Drain Smith we can also provide both VHS tape and DVD recording.