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Generally this method of drain cleaning is most commonly used on commercial or industrial properties, however it works very well on residential sewer and drain lines that have a serious grease or other large buildup. Hydro-jetting is the process of using water under high pressure to scour the pipe walls clean of grease, debris, roots, and sand. The Hydro-jetter will flush out the pipes walls and wash it away downstream. We use a trailer mounted jetter that was custom built to our specifications by Auther Bently of Sewer Equipment & Supplies. This machine delivers a maximum of 4,000 psi at 16 gallons of water per minute. The pressure and flow are adjustable for any given job or situation. We have a variety of hoses and nozzles that allow us to hydro-jet anything from 12" main lines with a 1/2" hose up to 500' long, all the way down to a 1/8" hose for small traps in main floor drains. Most nozzles are used to cut through and flush away grease, scale, and normal buildup. We also use a rotary nozzle called a "Warthog" whenever possible because this allows for a much more efficient cleaning and cutting of drain roots when applicable. This machine has the capability of cutting through a 3/4" sheet of plywood in approximately 9 seconds.