Drain & Sewer Line Cabling

We have the experience and the most modern equipment available to clean even the most stubborn drains. The most common way to clean a drain or sewer line is to use a spinning cable in the line. When using the spinning cable it will loosen debris and cut roots to clean the line. We have two different machines to do this job. The first machine is the Ken-way junior model drain cleaner. This machine is used to clean most drains in the house from 1" a/c condensation lines all the way up to 3" branch mains. We use two different size cables 1/4" and 3/8", with a variety of different blades. The second machine that we use at Drain Smith is the Duracable King, model DM55. This machine is equipped with a 3/4 HP motor at 175 rpm. We usa a 11/16" cable with up to 250 feet of cable on each truck. This machine is used to clean main sewer lines and lines 3" and larger.