We often ask ourselves what the important things are when looking to hire someone to work in our homes or places of business. Here at Drain Smith we emphasize four main points that are important to us and as such they should be important to you as well. They are the following:

1. Response Time: Our average response time in 2010 was 38 minutes. You can call Drain Smith 24 hours a day 7 days a week and either the owner or his chief technician will answer your call. You receive top of the line service and no automated answering machines. You will speak with someone that is very knowledgeable in all the services we provide.
2. Cost: Here at Drain Smith cost is very important to us, but we do not want to sacrafice quality to lower a price. There are service companies that may have added a hose to a $500.00 pressure washer, just to say that they have a jetter. They are the same companies that run a 3/8" cable through every line and call it good. Drain Smith competes with the "Big Boys" because we have the same, if not, better equipment. Our advantage is that we don't operate with the huge overhead some of these big companies do. No big franchise fee, no large office staff, no big avertising costs. Here at Drain Smith you receive high quality and warranted work from a company you can trust!
3. Quality: Quality starts with experience, top-notch equipment and people enjoying what they do. At Drain Smith you receive all three. When you call us out at 3:00 AM Saturday night, you get the same quality that you will receive on Monday morning. We are a small company and will stay that way. One good experienced technician can get a lot more done than 5 average "technicians" immediately thrown into the service field.
4. Guarantees: We at Drain Smith stand behind our guarantee. We do every thing we can to guarantee our work. Unlike other company's that use every reason they can think of not to. 

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